Dem Delegates Say Gun Owners & Hunters Aren’t Welcome in Their Party

I’m curious if anyone has identified the two men and one woman interviewed by the Daily Show who say that gun owners aren’t allowed in the Democratic Party – nor are business owners or white men. I’d be curious to know what state they each call home.

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    1. Actually, looking closely at his t-shirt, that look-a-like is from Texas. And remember, he was calling gun owners & others he doesn’t like “Nazis and evil even before it was appropriate!”

  1. It would be interesting to take a sampling from either party and ask them to list who is “not welcome in their party.” Then, it would be interesting to see not only who were on the respective lists, but who had the longer lists.

    And oh — do it on camera.

  2. I need to add that it was interesting that the Daily Show, which I take to be entirely Democrat-leaning, was taking the time to use ridicule to show the Ds what they were doing wrong.

    1. That’s because, as Sebastian often notes, Jon Stewart isn’t stupid. He knows this kind of stuff will cost his party elections and drive them out of power. I mean since he isn’t Latino, Hispanic, gay, poor, or a woman, and he owns his own production company and is a white straight male, the one delegate said he still wasn’t welcome as a Democrat. When you have party representatives saying this kind of stuff, he realizes that it will turn people off who maybe leaned Democratic often enough that they could be considered Democratic voters. He’s not afraid to mock them and call them out in doing so because he realizes that if his party follows down that path, they’ll be irrelevant.

  3. Identity politics defined:

    We are against those who would divide us. Remember, it’s us against them!

  4. It’s always amazing that shows like the Daily Show or Colbert can find people, left and right, too stupid to know when to STFU when the camera is put in their face.

      1. Should have said that they don’t show the vast majority that do STFU. Didn’t come out right. Sorry.

  5. I love the no white males guy, who is a white male.

    Also the hipster “I was calling them Nazis before it was cool”.

    1. I don’t think the Nazi guy was a hipster, he was an old hippie.

      The white male guy was also likely gay, and the straight was presumed in his statement of wanting to keep white males out.

  6. The most hilarious part was even when they are confronted with their blatant hypocrisy they don’t realize it!

    Seem like mindless drones repeating a pre-programmed line of info don’t they?

    Guess it’s good news for our side that the other side is getting stupider by leaps and bounds…..

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