My ESB Is Nearly Ready

My Extra Special Bitter is nearly ready to be bottled/kegged. It’s been in secondary fermentation for nearly two weeks, and it’s developing a clear, amber color. I can’t think of anything to go better with a good English Ale than some fish and chips. Of course, Fish and Chips are probably a good bit less English. Apparently chips (fries) come from Belgium or France, and fried fish was brought in by Jewish immigrants. Nonetheless, Brits are passionate enough about their fish and chips that they nearly went to war over it. Trouble cooled once Iceland started giving up fishing for the fast paced world of International Finance. Now that ship has sunk, and Icelanders have gone back to fishing, so perhaps things will heat up once again.

6 thoughts on “My ESB Is Nearly Ready”

  1. I hope the light was just for the picture. Wouldn’t want to skunk your beer before you even try it.

  2. It was in the closet… I pulled it out for the picture. I ferment in a different closet because I find that smaller one will actually heat up during the fermentation.

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