Killing for the Revolution

Now we know the motive of the Public Shooting Range Killer. Apparently he was plotting to overthrow the government, and was stealing his way into an arsenal. The Patriot-News is noting that “Rebel activity” is on the rise. Geez. No one tell Darth Vader. Peake is apparently pleading that he found Getgen dead, and merely took the rifle off of him. He’s also refusing to name the group he belongs to.

I’ll be surprised if this guy got more than one other person to buy into the notion of stealing and robbing their way to revolution.

3 thoughts on “Killing for the Revolution”

  1. People who think that you can rob the Bourgeois and steal your way to a successful revolution, who think that it’s okay to kill innocent people, because “the ends justify the means”, and who don’t own enough guns already to start a decent war, are certainly not the kind of people who you would call “Conservatives” or “Patriots”. The reason he won’t name his group is probably because he doesn’t want to hurt the administration, he just wants to get Congress out of his way.

  2. Darn tootin’ rebel activity is on the rise.

    I hear that Stuart’s cavalry done crossed the Potomac last week, headed north, and that the Army of Northern Virginia will be crossing into Maryland within the month!

    Somebody best tell Diana Fishlock and Matthew Kemeny so they can email General McClellan!

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