Pro-Gun Article in Honolulu Media

As the “bad” states go, Hawaii probably has more in common with Maryland than with California, but it’s not exactly a pro-gun media market. It’s interesting that the Honolulu Star-Advertiser is willing to run a positive puff piece on shooting, and even offering links to help get started in the sport. Wow.

3 thoughts on “Pro-Gun Article in Honolulu Media”

  1. A friend just returned from Honolulu. He said that several times during his trip he was approached by people offering trips to shooting ranges. He said he has never experienced this in any previous travels (neither have I).

    We speculated that this might actually be aimed towards foreigners since even as gun-unfriendly as Hawaii is, it is much less hostile than most other countries, especially the Asian countries whose subjects visit Hawaii – Japan, Korea, China, etc.

    1. Yes, it is aimed at the Japanese. If you check out their websites, most of them have Japanese language options. I don’t remember anything like that when I was growing up and visiting out there, but I was also mostly lead around by my grandmother who is less than gun-friendly.

  2. A young guy in my shooting club who grew up in Honolulu said that the guns at those ranges were chained on each side so you couldn’t twist or train them in any other direction than forward.
    I’m not totally surprised though. Locals are really into hunting things of all kinds, whether with spear or spear-gun or whatever. All the old legends are warrior-culture stories: one King or another bashing-in heads with a shark-toothed knuckleduster, or eviscerating an enemy, creeks running red with blood…
    We saw an enormous (I thought) tusker pig on a pickup-truck on the way to Hana, Maui. Some local hunters took it and I asked what-with they said, “Wit a .270 bruddah” – it’s kind of a local-elite thing.
    In November we also met some folks from here (CA) – a husband-wife team, who were on a Big Island Safari – they were shooting birds and pigs and antelope and other critters. It sounded like a ranch-lead hunt or something.

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