Beware the Spear Gun Loophole

I think everyone knows what emotionally damaged and unstable individuals divers are. If they didn’t have tendencies toward suicidal behavior, there would be no such things as cave diving. There is no sea life that is safe as long as we reject reasonable regulations to keep dangerous spear guns out of the hands of emotionally unstable divers.

2 thoughts on “Beware the Spear Gun Loophole”

  1. Mr Watson said the high-powered spear guns could be excluded from the new laws.

    “I’m confident that any law that is brought in will be targeted directly towards those high-powered air rifles,” he said.

    Dear lord, referring to air rifles and spear guns as “high powered?” What’s next, high-powered water pistols?

  2. They’ll take the SuperSoaker I hooked up to my air comrpessor from my cold, damp hands!

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