Fly Yes, Land?… Getting There

The last leg of today’s virtual flying was from Ryan’s Creek Airport on Stuart Island, New Zealand, to Sydney International Airport in Sydney, Australia, following a course along the Tasman Sea.  I have to say, even in a virtual world, southern New Zealand is quite beautiful.  I continue to be impressed by how much flight simulators have improved since I was younger.  While I still would not get in a plane with myself, at least my landing in Sydney would be in the realm of respectable, I think.


X-Plane has a feature that allows you to record flight footage as if you had a camcorder in the pilot’s seat.  I’ve always enjoyed approaches over water, where as you dip closer and closer to the drink, you look to the guy next to you and think “I hope you like fish.”  Only at the last minute to have a runway roll out underneath you.  Sydney would seem to be one of those approaches.

The Cirrus Vision being simulated here likes to be in the air, and can land even at low speed under full flaps.  I find it to be very easy to fly compared to some of the other jets available within X-Plane.