Quote of the Day: Sea Kitten Edition

Tam says of PETA’s new campaign to rename fish to sea kitten:

While I have been assured that fish don’t have feelings, let me let you in on a little secret: It wouldn’t matter to me if they did. The way salmon tastes, I wouldn’t care if it begged for mercy on the hook, screamed all the way to the table, and struggled going down. Can you grok that? I am an omnivore. It is a fish. Omnivores will eat anything they can run down, outwit, or beat wrestling, two falls out of three. Fish fall into that category. Case closed. Yum.

Cam Edwards was reporting on this Friday on the air while I was sitting off camera trying not to giggle (you can see the segment, at least until 1/12 at 9:00, if you get through the introductory video, click on the last show, and put the slider about 1/3rd way down right under the NL on the “AUDIO ONLY” button above).  It’s getting hard to satirize PETA, because they are becoming a joke themselves.

8 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Sea Kitten Edition”

  1. OrangeNeckInNY,

    It’s actually been around a while, but seeing LibertyGirl’s kitten nigiri picture really inspired me. :D

  2. Yep … they started this silliness almost two years ago … but we bloggers are just noticing it now … too silly not to post about it.

    I saw it on two different sources ( hot-air being one ) before I posted my entry ( 0930 PST, last Friday, BTW … ).

    I am kinda wondering who first resurrected it this time around … I need to buy that person a drink.

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