DISCLOSE Running Into Trouble

Schumer is having a hard time coming up with the votes. That doesn’t mean he won’t eventually, but if the GOP holds together they might be able to stop this.

6 Responses to “DISCLOSE Running Into Trouble”

  1. Shawn says:

    Don’t worry, McCain and Graham will vote for it. Even with every other repub going against it these two will undoubtedly vote for it. McCain has wanted something like this being the RINO that he is and Graham has shown repeatedly she The only hope is they get a couple dems in there fillibuster. If they bother to try.

    No matter how toxic you make it for the dems they will vote for it anyway. They have shown they no longer give a crap about anyone but themselves and if they can do this to help them hold there seat there going to go for it because they know most of them have very pissed off constiuents as it is.

  2. Newbius says:

    It is a sad day in the Republic when the First Amendment is held hostage to the Constitutional fealty of people like McCain, Graham, Collins and Snowe.

  3. Mike says:

    My psychic abilities tell me that Brown and Snowe will also vote for it. Are we missing any RINOs?

  4. Shawn says:

    And to add to my first comment the ONLY reason these RINO’s may oppose it is because and ONLY because obama supports it and is trying to ram it thorugh the senate. But its a longshot.

    Amd the only reason some of the extreme liberal anti freedom senators may vote against it or not for it is because of the NRA exemption.

  5. Dannytheman says:

    Snowe Says NO to Schumer’s DISCLOSE Act!!

    It’s over…….For now!

  6. Even the Senate gagged on the turd that the NRA was willing to eat as long as they got their own bottle of ketchup to with it. At what point does “pragmatism” discredit itself by being incompetent as well as unprincipled?