Another PA Range Robbery Previously

This one was a few weeks ago, but the guy was robbed at gunpoint, also for his AR-15. I doubt these are connected, but any time I go to the range I’m carrying. Guns are valuable. I wouldn’t have 1000 dollars in cash on me unarmed, and that’s basically what you’re toting when you’re transporting firearms.

2 thoughts on “Another PA Range Robbery Previously”

  1. Unfortunately, many public ranges prohibit carrying in holsters, or carrying anything loaded down-range….

    I’m glad I have a 300 meter range at home. Of course, I don’t live in the city.

  2. Kind of like what happened down near Miami a few years back. Best way to avoid this problem would seem to be to not go to isolated ranges and such by yourself, and if you do the buddy thing, one of you always stays alert while the other is shooting.

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