A Little Gun Control?

This CBS News intern is well on her way to becoming a journalist, for sure, saying that the US could use a little more gun control, using England and Wales as the example. Perhaps one day she too can be on Journolist. How’s this for starters:

Since the 18th century, Britain has moved on from problems like taxation without representation, oppressive monarchy and overreaching empire. It has accepted its place in modern society as a progressive, First World nation.

Read the whole, sad thing. Implication is that we just can’t live up to their civilized example, because we don’t allow gun bans. Ms. Berg, you have a bright future ahead of you in journalism with that attitude toward gun ownership. I look forward to refuting more nonsense from you in the future.

I should note this comes to us via the Brady Campaign, who claims they don’t support gun bans (except scary looking guns), and that having gun bans off the table is a good thing for gun control. The articles they promote say otherwise.

5 thoughts on “A Little Gun Control?”

  1. Here’s the twit her herself:

    She’s already overwhelmed by the comments. I hope her vast educational background has enabled her to tackle the facts revealed to her in a fair and balanced manner.

    Her very first commenter had this link: Gun crime doubles in a decade

    Its so cute when a sophomoric Journalism/Political Science major takes the anti-civil rights position even in the face of overwhelming statistical evidence against “gun control” [1].

    [1] keeping in mind that my civil rights still exist regardless of the crime rate or population density.

  2. A sad example of what happens when the education system finds history unworthy of teaching–and discerning.

  3. The more I see of journalists, the more I wonder what they learn in college.
    Most of them know nothing about history, can’t understand math or statistics, have no comprehension of logical thought, and aren’t always that good at spelling or grammar.
    So what the hell do they study for four years to get a degree?

  4. It’s *sweet* to see these stories, and see how they are just *swamped* by pro-rights people offering statistics that refute everything that is said, and often defend rights because they are rights, not because the statistics are good…at least, on those stories that allow comments!

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