Josh Sugarmann Earning that Six Figure Salary

So now VPC is proud that they are supplementing and updating their excellent Google research with even more Google research. It’s easy to understand why. VPC increasingly has no money to spend on programs. On their 2008 tax return, of the approximately 890,000 dollars VPC took in, they spent 513,738 on salaries and benefits for employees, including a compensation package of 145,120 each for Sugarmann and Rand. That’s almost a 6% raise in compensation over the previous year. Not bad for tough times, eh? Sure, they had a better fundraising year in 2008, 7% higher than 2007. But their public support percentage dropped by 2%, from 24% to 22% meaning they are getting more big donors rather than many smaller ones. The NRA Foundation, on the other hand, has a public support percentage of 92%.

I guess it’s a good thing for Sugarmann and Rand that their donors don’t check to carefully, or don’t care what they are getting for their money. It’s a sweet gig he has going. I’m almost jealous.

5 thoughts on “Josh Sugarmann Earning that Six Figure Salary”

  1. Apparently creating FUD is a profitable business model. It will be interesting to see the trend over a few years time, after the fallout of some of these Supreme court cases. I would think that sooner or later the donors will realize that they have been taken for a ride.

  2. From that excellent, definitive VPC research article:

    “California led the nation in the number of drive-by shootings with 148 shootings, killing 40 and injuring 129. Following California were: Texas, 60 drive-by shootings, killing six and injuring 52; Florida, 48 drive-by shootings, killing 10 and injuring 42; Illinois, 38 drive-by shootings, killing 18 and injuring 53; and, Washington, 38 drive-by shootings, killing three and injuring 21. ”

    “Drive-by shootings are just one symptom of the increasing lethality of firearms available to the general public. State and federal policies should focus on limiting the caliber and capacity of firearms marketed to the general public. ”

    We need to start banning guns now! ESPECIALLY in California! And we need to ban open carry in Texas–it’s a good start! Oh, wait…we already do all that…

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