Palm Pistol Prototype

Ed Friedman of NRA’s Shooting Illustrated magazine has the scoop on the prototype Palm Pistol. It’s all black, so clearly it’s evil and must be banned immediately. And it’ll have rail? Seriously?

8 thoughts on “Palm Pistol Prototype”

  1. I’m really not seeing the rationale for this weapon. A single shot? If you are so frail and elderly that you can’t carry a ‘real’ pocket pistol, I’m not sure what a single shot of .308 is going to do for you.

    Frankly after the reports that the Palm Pistol was FDA approved, and the subsequent FDA smackdown, I thought this was simply an elaborate joke. I’m still not sure it isn’t!

  2. The person who designed this pistol in a comment to an earlier post said he was working on a multi-shot design as well. I think it’s a good idea, but I can’t see how more than one shot could be put in such a small package.

    But this is all according to the Evil Gun Manufacturer’s plans! According to VPC, EGMs are increasing the size of the bullets, putting more of them in their guns, and making the guns smaller, all at the same time! Never mind that these are all contradictory goals, and call for a lot of compromise.

    But this pistol is evidence that the EGMs are all on their way to designing my ideal pistol: a 65mm with 90 rounds that could easily be hidden in the palm of my hand. Now, if we could only figure out how to make a 65mm round fit in the palm of my hand…

  3. I think this might be an useful backup weapon for a Law Enforcement Officer, as it could be easily be placed on the belt and looks nothing like a gun, would be useful if disarmed, etc.

  4. Lots of anecdotes about a grandmother type with a .22 revolver scaring off the goblins.

    A loud bang from a single round sends a clear message, most bad guys will not wait around long enough to see if there is a second bang.

  5. Ash:

    Do you think I am so wealthy (or insane) that I would invest $xxx,xxx of my own money just for a laugh? I assure you this is a real handgun that has consumed four years of my life (so far). I have been inundated with requests for more information from seniors and disabled and most assuredly will sell out my first 100 units. I frankly do not understand why so many people, ostensibly gun rights supporters, take pleasure in discouraging those who are trying to develop new ideas and expand public acceptance of firearms. The day any of these naysayers actually calls me and obtains facts before posting their opinions, I will eat my hat in Macy’s window. I believe my hat is safe.

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