Lost and Stolen Introduced Federally

You can probably guess by who. We’ve been fighting this stupid idea in Pennsylvania for more than a year now. But why should we have all the fun? McCarthy is pointing to a study by the highly scientific and unbiased group Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns. It’s interesting that McCarthy says this law is working in states that have adopted it, when none of the municipalities in Pennsylvania, all of whom claimed this legislation was highly necessary, have prosecuted a single person using it.

3 thoughts on “Lost and Stolen Introduced Federally”

  1. New rule: Immediately report every firearm you buy as “Lost”. Then, if you are caught with it later, you can just say “Well, I found it later, and it was embarassing, so I didn’t report finding it. What if I’d lost it again?” Not reporting possession of your own lawfully obtained property is not a crime, and even if that property were declaired illegal, you couldn’t be prosecuted for not testifying against yourself that you have it. That’s called the 5th Amendment.

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