Gun License Fees in Bucks and Montgomery Counties

Some are upset at the $46 dollar fee our sheriff charges. Apparently they still offer the state standard license, for the state fixed price:

Both Donnelly and Ricci said they give residents the option of paying $25 for a paper license, but applicants must provide their own photographs if they choose the cheaper option.

“If you want to upgrade that license we provide another service,” Ricci said. “If you want a plastic one that looks like a driver’s license, you pay $46.”

I should note that if the end result of this is that we all have to go back to the big paper licenses, I’m going to be pissed. I’m happy to pay extra for the credit card sized plastic license. I do believe the Sheriffs need to make it clear the paper license is available, and make sure everyone knows that. They do mention it on their web site, but it seems that the satellite offices are unaware.

2 thoughts on “Gun License Fees in Bucks and Montgomery Counties”

  1. Complainers should come to my little Colorado mountain county, where you bring your own photograph, and I think the sheriff’s dispatcher makes up the licenses in Windows Label Maker or some such program.

    On the other hand, the fees are less and the atmosphere is friendly.

    It’s all of a piece: put out your own fires (VFD), plow your own roads (sometimes), and shoot your own criminals (sometimes).

  2. I get that $50 is a chunk of change. My level of outrage would depend on how often I’d have to pay it, though.

    Plus, it sounds like they are charging cost of materials only, as well, yes?

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