It is Easy, Comparatively

Looks like other people have noticed influencing a political landscape isn’t that hard:

Funny, after I taped my PJTV interview yesterday with David Kirkham — whose Utah Tea Party toppled Bob Bennett and brought a new Speaker into the Utah State House to boot — and Mike Wilson, whose Cincinnati Tea Party helped paint Ohio red last week, they stayed on the hookup and were talking about how the biggest surprise to both of them, each a political neophyte, was how comparatively easy politics was compared to running a business.

It’s absolutely easier than running a business. It’s easier than managing even a small group at a company. Running for office takes people skills, and a certain moral flexibility, but the game is pretty straight forward. If you have the right kind of defective personality, you can go far.

4 Responses to “It is Easy, Comparatively”

  1. BobG says:

    “It’s absolutely easier than running a business.”

    Which is why some very successful politicians don’t know jack about running businesses, and it shows in the dumbass laws they sometimes pass.

  2. MJM says:

    As one who runs small businesses, and who represents other small businesses as they try to stave off the insane onslaught of litigation, I completely agree with them and thank you for capturing this conversation.

  3. dustydog says:

    Logical fallacy; this election was different from past elections (and hopefully foreshadowing). It is easy to run against a congresscritter who never comes back home to campaign and is late to realizing that the race is competitive. It is easy to raise money when people would donate to a elect the devil over their incumbent.

    Notably, we are ten years out from the last redistricting, so gerrymandering was muted by migration. In 2012, the districts will be locked down tight again to prevent newcomers. Congress is busy extorting campaign funds, and will have a 2 year lead over the next slate of newcomers.

  4. Clint1911 says:

    LOL, how can something be “absolutely” easier??