No Charges for Lehigh County Sheriff

It is actually a crime in Pennsylvania overcharge for a License to Carry, but the District Attorney for Lehigh County isn’t going to charge the Sheriff. It would appear that the Sheriff is going to make clear the state mandated $25 dollar license is available, but will still issue the credit card sized $38 dollar license. To me this is preferred. We are required to carry the licenses with us while carrying, and an oversized piece of paper isn’t going to last five years in a wallet. But it looks like some jurisdictions that issue cards are going to stop because of the controversy, and go back to just the state prescribed paper.

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  1. I wish you’d quit publishing those prices in your state, our county here in Alabama furnishes a credit card sized paper license for about $7.00 with a $2 or $3 add on to have it lamenated, with a total price $10. I would hate to have our people getting any more bad ideas. The local sheriffs have control of the prices and this is a may issue state with, again, the sheriffs controling who may have a license and setting their own pricing arrangements. However, most are issued, so it might as well be a shall issue state, which I’d like to see it become. We actually had a sheriff who drove up the price to about $20 at one time. The next election he was replaced and the new guy returned the price to it’s previous state.

  2. I just took my CHL in Texas last week, and am sending in my paperwork for mine. We do get a credit card like ID with a Pic on it, but we have to pay $140 for it. $38 sounds pretty cheap.

  3. “But it looks like some jurisdictions that issue cards are going to stop because of the controversy, and go back to just the state prescribed paper.”

    Sometimes when you win, you lose.

  4. You know as backward as Fayette County is supposed to be, the Sheriff figured out how to put a checkbox on the application that said “for an additional $5 I want the small laminated license”

  5. There’s nothing that prohibits anyone who wants to from copying/resizing/laminating their own LTCF. Some PA Sheriffs even recommend this. My county issues the plastic type for $25, and I still have a couple of laminated copies in vehicles and frequently used bags as ‘back up’.

    I advocate that everyone should carry a copy and store the original in a safe place, no matter what type of license they are issued. It’s good protection against the confiscation *without* revocation that occasionally happens as well.

  6. I have that option too, but even so, I’d still present a copy of my out of state license. Again to prevent “seizure” with no further action.

    As long as my current Sheriff is in office, I’d probably present a copy of my PA LTCF. I’m pretty sure he’s not going to revoke me solely based on another LEO’s “suggestion” unless he’s absolutely sure he would prevail in court following that decision. I’ve managed to establish a good relationship with him following the shenanigans of his predecessor.

  7. What about those of us in states that require the original be carried on our person?

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