Gun Registry Deja Vu

SayUncle is pointing to a story out of Florida where police are asking gun shops for personal information on buyers in order to find a serial killer who is using the same type of weapon. It’s illegal under Florida law. I have a nasty case of Deja Vu over this story, but I can’t find anything in the archives. I feel like this has happened before, where police were going around collecting information on gun owners in order to catch a criminal.

UPDATE: Jennifer found it here. It doesn’t look like I blogged about it, so it must have been someone else.

10 thoughts on “Gun Registry Deja Vu”

  1. So you are against police catching serial killers? If a serial killer was using mountain climbing ropes to kill people the police would investigate shops that sold mountain climbing ropes. Why should gun shops be any different?

  2. ” Why should gun shops be any different?”

    Is there law that prohibits the police from getting personal info on mountain climbing rope owners? For guns, there is such a law.

  3. Yep. Happened right here in Oklahoma not too long ago. Same caliber if I remember right. I’ll have to see if I can dig up a link.

  4. Did anyone catch this quote in the article? “California and Pennsylvania only require gun owners to register long-barrel guns.” I’m not aware of any registry requirements here in PA, so it would seem like more MSM failure to fact check their articles to me…

  5. That chief of police is about to leave the Daytona City Council with a huge fine to pay. I forget if it is a million dollars or three that a police agency must pay if they do some lame thing like that.

  6. nathan,

    You really think the police would be checking climbing shops for who might have bought a rope or harness 5-6 years ago?

    Aside from the law, even in Florida, “land of swamps”, that’s a low-percentage play.

    They are checking gun shops because they know there are 4473’s and it constitutes “doing something”, not because they expect it to pan out. If they do expect it to pan out they lack logical reasoning skills.

  7. When I read that story at Uncles, I thought the same thing: we’ve seen this before. The one you linked to is not the same as the one I was remembering. The story I remember they were looking for a SIG in .40S&W. Maybe this is happening a bit more often than we realize.

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