Kos Supporting Gun Rights

I’m not really all that surprised by the Daily Kos embracing gun rights. Markos Moulitsas-Zuniga has been an advocate for the Democrats to dump the gun control crap for a long time. Take a page from the 2006 book he co-authored “Crashing the Gate:”

The Second Amendment pro-gun crowd, an offshoot of the libertarian faction, is one of the few single-issue constituency groups inside the Republican Party, and the National Rifle Association is perhaps the most poerful issue group in the country. There was a time when the Republican Party was their home, as the Democrats worked hard to enact gun-control legislation. But that battle is over, and except for skirmishes in urban jurisdictions, gun control is essentially dead inside the Democratic Party and certainly dead at the federal level.

I’ve never been convinced Markos was a true believer, at least in the sense we are, but he knows what’s winning and losing politics, and he’s never been easy on the Democrats for clinging bitterly to gun control.

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  1. You know, I used to read through that swamp at least semi-regularly, just to see what they were saying and get a few laughs, until I couldn’t bear the idiocy any more.

    Actually, a good number of folks over there are strong 2nd Amendment types, and many for the same reasons a lot of us are: to protect against a tyrannical government. Only difference is WHO would be the tyrant.

  2. This is the exact same article that author wrote after the Heller decision.

    Not totally surprised to see the progressive idiots throwing themselves into a hissyfit over there trying to claim the moral high ground when there really is no moral high ground whatsoever.

  3. “When it comes to discussing the Second Amendment, liberals check rational thought at the door. […] And they do so in a way that is wholly inconsistent with their approach to all of our other civil liberties.”

    Those two admissions out of an admitted liberal surprised the heck out of me.

  4. I never understood that ideological dissonance among the left when it comes to guns. In one breath they say that the police, the military, and the government are not to be trusted (the standard ACLU position) but in other breath that they’re the only ones who should be able to use guns (the standard ACLU position). Odd.

    I remember this article being posted two years ago on DailyKos (http://tinyurl.com/66jzpy), and in both the previous posting and in this one the comments were mostly positive, but the crazies are just too crazy to ignore:

    “modern right-wing gun nuts (racists all)” — ge0rge

    “This amendment is obsolete, period.” — ge0rge

    “It’s a ‘living, breathing document,’ you see, and from time to time a piece needs to be excised.” — bugscuffle

    “I don’t want YOU to own any. I don’t want my neighbors to own any. I don’t want anyone to own any.” — discocarp

    Granted, this was originally posted before Heller and McDonald. But I don’t think either decision will change too many minds:

    “The Roberts Court is not only wrong, but grossly so.” — Ryepower12

    “I know what the Robert’s Court wrote, perhaps you’d like to quote some Citizens United as well. I don’t happen to agree with either one of them.” — DaNang65

    “this preoccupation with the Constitution as a sacrosanct document is troubling to me.” — DKinUT

    “And since you appear to hold that position, we needn’t argue about cases like Citizens United, either, since hey, it must be correctly decided, right? ” — FogCityJohn

    “The Supreme Court won’t speak again unless courageous individuals are willing to take the risk of challenging their decision.” — TexasTom

    “The supreme court got it wrong.” — firant

    “I think it extends no farther than muzzle-loading rifles” — gussieFN

    “Loving the second amendment has nothing to do with anything. It’s like loving the flag–a bullshit phrase.” — gussieFN

    “I’m in favor of amending or repealing the 2nd amendment” — JohnQ

    “Amendments get made, and REPEALED. The continual carnage in the US compared to other nations argues for repeal of the 2nd amendment.” — EricRoM

    “I would not be ’emotionally involved’ if there were no chance of an idiot with a gun shooting me or anyone else.” — indycam

    “This diary is utter bunk. How fortunate that the diarist is a front pager. Otherwise, this would’ve dropped off with nary a handful of comments like most RKBA diaries.” — FutureNow

    “I think there is folly in owning a gun and that has been proven time and time again as owners fail in their responsibility and children die as a result.” — Alice Olson

    “Just don’t see the need to own a gun anymore,” – divineorder

    “Guns are for the weak minded and immoral” — Freedom of Thinking

    “The Constitution should be changed when it’s wrong. The Second Amendment is wrong, as they interpret it.” — Penman

    “But the fact you’re taking your talking points from Wayne LaPierre doesn’t bother you?” — litho

    “If it saves innocent lives, I’m on the side of threatening Constitutional rights, myself.” — flyinggoat

    Nope, they’re still not getting it.

  5. Link is dead, article is gone.

    Kos is (in)famous for application of the memory hole.

  6. “But that battle is over, and except for skirmishes in urban jurisdictions, gun control is essentially dead inside the Democratic Party and certainly dead at the federal level.”

    Maybe thats why they need the UN treaty so bad? Oh, wait. We already knew that.

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