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  1. Do they actually get minimum wage, or is it that “less than minimum wage because you get tips” thing?

    I really don’t know, because I never even considered it as a job when I was in high school or college, precisely because I didn’t want to take the risk.

  2. The cost of carrying discreetly is the loss of your crappy Pizza Hut job., if you ever need to use it. They do this because the corporation has deep pockets and doesn’t want to be sued by the criminal’s family.

    Pre-Heller, during the time when we supposedly had a pro-RKBA congress and a pro-RKBA president, I proposed that the NRA push for a “defense of self-defense act”, that would shield corporations if they did not have policies against the RKBA. I fleshed that out in comments here and in a blog post here.

  3. I can’t verify this, but a reliable friend of mine delivered pizzas for a while and claimed he averaged about $20@hr with only the minimum wage part taxed. Still not sure that’s worth risking your life — not sure if he carried.

  4. Agree with Standard. Who cares about their rules. Protect yourself, then deliver for Dominos when Pizza Hut fires you.

  5. I worked for many different Pizza Huts in two states. On average I made $10-$15 a hour. In some of the higher volume stores I would make $20 a hour. That is tips plus $5.15 a hour.

    I carried almost the whole time. I would rather be alive and fired than dead and still employed. Most managers don’t ask and wouldn’t care.

  6. ‘I know a guy’ who worked as a cook for Pizza Hut (unarmed). One night he heard a waitress saying the store was being robbed. He walked straight to the back door, looked through the eye piece, didn’t see anybody, left the store, unchained the bicycle, went to a local church, and phoned the cops. Three guys, one gun, got away with the register and a few pizzas.

    The area manager was furious that he left the store, because that was “dangerous and stupid.”

    That job seemed worth it – $4.25/hour, 2 square meals a day, and for only 8-16 hours of work per week, I could keep going to college.

  7. I’m pretty sure the pizzeria across the street expects it’s employees to carry something, they’re Sikhs…

  8. After just one or two well-publicized instances of pizza delivery drivers legally defending themselves from armed robbers, I think that this type of armed robbery would become an exceedingly rare type of incident.

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