Screwing with My Childhood

I don’t know too many boys my age that didn’t love Wonder Woman growing up. We were strangely attracted to her, before we even know anything about sex.  Now it seems like they are making alterations to the classic. Personally, I’ll take the classic:


What’s not to like? And for someone about the same age as my mother would be, she still looks pretty good. I guess these days, people don’t expect their superheros to be cheesy, fight for truth, justice, and the American way, and all that jazz. Now they have to be hip and fashionable.

4 thoughts on “Screwing with My Childhood”

  1. As someone pointed out at Wyatt’s, any superhero who is using a Bedazzler on her jean jacket is neither hip, nor fashionable.

  2. See, I actually like the change. I always thought that having the JLA’s most powerful founding members and ambassador to a vaguely feminist all-female country run around in a bathing suit was sort of incongruous and undignified. Also, the vast majority of other superheroines also wear bathing suits, this should make her stand out more.

    1. How is a hot corset and shapely hot pants less cool than a Bedazzled jean jacket that came out of the 80’s?

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