Photoblog: Fort Washington

Bitter and I made a last minute trip down to DC this weekend to see two of her friends from college. One is a lobbyist on the hill who we always see when we’re down in DC. The other was in from Minnesota, who Bitter hasn’t seen in a number of years. But as long as we were down there, I decided to do some sightseeing. I’ve always wanted to visit Fort Washington, which was one of the main fortifications that protected the U.S. Capital from attack by water for most of this nation’s history. Built first in 1809, it was in use as a fort to protect the Capital well into the 20th century. I decided to do a photoblog on it. I used to do these somewhat often, but they take a lot of time to put together, so I kind of stopped. But I figured since I got a lot of good gun pics, folks wouldn’t mind too much. I like old artillery pieces, and they keep the ones at Fort Washington in good shape. Click on the pictures for more information.

Fort Washington National Park along the Potomac

4 thoughts on “Photoblog: Fort Washington”

  1. Cool. I’ve always wanted to go over and check that out. I might take the kids this weekend.

  2. I think it’s a great place for kids. My thought was pretty much “When I was a kid, I would have thought this was the coolest thing ever!”

    1. It’s totally kid-friendly. Unfortunately, that meant there were a few kids there whose parents let them run a little rowdy, but we just tried to avoid them. But considering how big the place is, there’s plenty of room for running around to explore without worrying about bothering anyone else. I guess I just didn’t expect it to be so big.

  3. Haven’t been to Ft. Washington in years. First visited as a kid.
    Will have to tell you (off line) the Ft. Washington story involving:
    2 lbs. of black powder
    a Yugoslavian freighter
    the State Department.

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