Delco Times Refighting Heller

They aren’t happy Lentz’s reciprocity weakening bill is being held up:

When it comes to firearms, some people refuse to face facts.

Blindly invoking the Second Amendment, written almost 235 years ago when militias were needed to defend a fledgling nation, they decry any effort to stem the flow of guns to the general public.

Even spurning attempts at compromise, they grouse at any hint of gun control.

How would the Delco Times feel if we said the First Amendment’s right to freedom of the press was antiquated, written almost 235 years ago when we needed a formal press establishment? It seems if it’s there, we ought to respect it, and last I checked the Times didn’t need a license from the state before it had permission to exercise its right. The editorial that follows is completely one sided. I know it’s an editorial, but they sought out quotes from proponents,and their quote from someone on our side was a throw away, meaningless one liner. There was no attempt to convey our concerns about the abuses of Philadelphia’s discretion in issuing and revoking Licenses to Carry. You want to agree that it’s still a smart measure, fine, but don’t give our opponents views credence without listening to us. This is why the dead tree media is going down the toilet.

3 thoughts on “Delco Times Refighting Heller”

  1. One wonders what they think of this Administration’s concept of the FTC proposed media lapdoggery? The FTC Plan for Government Controlled ‘Reinvention of Journalism’ with the Government at the center of the decision making process?

  2. They are going after most of the Constitution, 2A is the only area where they are losing ground to us ‘wing nuts’ who value liberty.

    When disclose passes and my (and others) NRA card becomes toilet paper our position will weaken.

  3. I wonder if this left-wing fishwrap newspaper also has issues with anybody “blindly invoking” the First Amendment, too, or any of the other parts of The Bill of Rights.

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