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SayUncle is reviewing a combination pocket and in-waist-band holster from The Holster Site. One thing I’d like to see is a pocket holster that can carry a small canister of OC spray or flash light along side it, or a holster for this. I got the Kimber Pepper Blaster II because one thing I hate about OC is it’s difficult to fumble for the right orientation with a round canister. The problem with the pepper blaster is that it’s more bulky, and only gives you two shots. Not sure yet whether it makes sense or not, but I do like the pistol like grip, and if there were a holster for it, it would be quick to get into action. In summer I do a lot of pocket carry, but it’s problematic. I’ll do a follow-up post about this when I get home and can take pictures of the rig.

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  1. IMHO there is no situation where pepper is useful. Either you’re in mortal danger, and a gun is the best tool for the job, and the tool you should be reaching for….or you’re not in mortal danger in which case at WORST you should be backing away keeping you eyes open and your strong hand free in case things get worse.

    1. Unfortunately, you’re not going to be on the jury in Northampton when a girl is thrown in jail for shooting one of the “innocent crazy guys who didn’t mean any harm.” Pepperspray would have been very handy when one of the started following me trying to grab at my hair. He didn’t seem to want to do anything to me that would warrant lethal force, just grab at my hair. (It’s not just crazy old men roaming the streets of Northampton, people who have taken coke seem to have a strange attraction to my hair, too.) I would have have been able to escape by simply keeping my eyes open if he had gotten hold of my hair, but I would have been able to spray him in an attempt to fight him off in a way that would not have landed me in jail.

      It’s nice to think there’s always a black and white solution for every problem, but that’s not the case. And I strongly suggest you tell all lady friends with long hair to avoid Northampton or at least be prepared to go to jail if they follow the advice to just shoot someone who isn’t trying to commit any seriously bodily harm.

  2. Weer’d:

    The idea is to give you more capability. There are plenty of situations you can think of where you’re not justified in using deadly force, but absolutely are in using force. I’m not a kung-fu expert, or any kind of street fighter. If I have to put down an angry or aggressive drunk it’s going to be with OC rather than fists or a bullet.

  3. I prefer the original PepperBlaster design because it is more streamlined and has a clip so you can wear it inside the waistband. The new design is a step backwards. It lacks the clip and is less concealable, plus it looks like a water pistol to me.

    I bet there would be a market for stainless steel form factor using that same Pepperblaster technology but with reloadable cartridges. Hell, stick some tactical stuff on it and a laser and they’d sell like hotcakes.

  4. The purpose of the bright and noticeable color, if you ask me, is so you can quickly determine that you have drawn your spray and not your pistol. Now a nice stainless design in a color, kind of like a paintball gun, would look nice.

    But I kind of want my spray to look like spray.

  5. Oh, and I agree about the clip. I didn’t realize the Blaster II didn’t have one. I’m not sold yet on the blaster being better than a canister. I’d almost rather have something like you mentioned, but that took canisters that could deliver a stream rather than two shots.

  6. I think the technology of the Pepperblaster (a gel delivered over a longer distance by an explosive charge) doesn’t lend itself to a stream/spray type deployment.

    I guess a tacticool Pepperblaster could run the risk of being mistaken for a gun, although the original form factor was more like a cell phone.

  7. “But I kind of want my spray to look like spray.”

    I agree. The last thing you want is lethal force getting mistaken for less than lethal in a stressful situation. I think you either need your less than lethal tools to look and feel totally different than your pistol, or you need to develop a habit of always carrying them in different completely separate places. For example, pistol strong side and less than lethal weak side.

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