This Week’s Top Shot

I think Les Jones and I are pretty much of the same mind on this episode. Next week is shoot, no shoot scenarios, a topic I sincerely hope Caleb has improved on since I last shot with him. My dad, who is also not a shooter and never owned a gun (I do not come from a gun owning household) is watching the show as well. I continue to agree this show is great PR for the shooting sports.

3 thoughts on “This Week’s Top Shot”

  1. Seems kinda odd for the team challenge that everyone wasn’t given quivers (to be slung over their backs), as that probably would have helped them get off more arrows…

    and man, red team is getting ROLLED….

  2. “and man, red team is getting ROLLED….”
    They’re too concerned with being pissed at each other than they are at winning the challenges.

    I agree with you Sebastian this show is great for shooting sports, it’s very entertaining. I’m pumped up for the black rifle challenge next week.

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