Microstamping in New York

Jacob has been covering it. It’s very close to final passage. Looks like they’re getting this infection from California. Let’s hope it doesn’t keep spreading. This basically will make semi-automatic pistols illegal in the Empire State, because the technology described does not exist. The law takes effect January 1, 2012, or upon certification by the State Police Commissioner. Even if the technology does exist, the legal risk involved in selling or owning guns would be so high I don’t think anyone should bother. Though, that’s the idea with this.

4 thoughts on “Microstamping in New York”

  1. New York State’s budget is in deep trouble, so what do we do, pass a clearly unconstitutional law that will result in costly litigation which the state will inevitably loose… Brilliant!

    Actually, this could be a good thing for gun-rights in NY. Outside of NYC, the gun laws in NY may survive constitutional challenge. Maybe with this backdoor ban in place, it would increase the chances of the whole system being struck down.

  2. Requiring guns to implement a non-existent technology doesn’t strike me as a “reasonable restriction.” This is going to get struck down very quickly if passed.

  3. Is there a grandfather clause for all existing guns? Even ones that aren’t in NY currently?

    Is there a provision for the state to provide microstamped parts for guns no longer served by commercial manufacturers?

    Is there a provision to pay for the guns now made illegal, at actual gunbroker.com rates?

    Is there an amnesty period for owners to reconfigure their arms to meet the new standard or not?

    Can the state of NY provide any examples of any firearms with this technology, to show what is considered legal, and have those guns been tested to see if they are still legal after say, 100, 1000, 5000, 10000 rounds of use?

    This is a lawsuit home run for plaintiffs.

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