PA State Police and Castle Doctrine

The Bucks County Intelligencer does an article on H.B.40, the “Castle Doctrine” bill in Pennsylvania, which contains some law enforcement opposition to the bill:

Still, the Pennsylvania State Police, Pennsylvania Police Chiefs Association, CeaseFirePA and the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association oppose the bill.

That the Pennsylvania State Police are lining up in opposition should be no great surprise, considering the Police Commissioner has been actively working with gun control groups, including CeaseFire PA, throughout the Commonwealth. You can see this letter here where the Commissioner of the PA State Police is working actively with MAIG Mayors to violate the state preemption law. He was appointed a few years ago by Governor Ed, so you know where his loyalties lie.

We have to make the State Police Commissioner an issue in the 2010 election for Governor. Any candidate we endorse has to be committed to making sure the State Police concentrates on their job of policing, and stays out of gun control as an issue. If that means firing the Commissioner, we need our candidate to be supportive of that end should it become necessary.

2 Responses to “PA State Police and Castle Doctrine”

  1. Carl from Chicago says:

    “The danger is this is taking away from people the obligation to make even a momentary evaluation of the situation before deciding to use deadly force,” said Doylestown Township Police Chief Stephen J. White.

    Now, I have heard some crazy things uttered by ranking public officials … but this one might take the cake. That is complete and utter bullshit, and if White does not know that, he’s an idiot. And if he does know it and is lying for political gain, he might ought to be stood up against the wall.

  2. Whois JohnGalt says:

    Just wanted you all to know that the majority of cops are 2nd Amendment supporters. I’ve been a cop for 18 years and most of the cops I know support concealed carry and the right to defend oneself no matter where they might find themselves being victimized. Sure you’ll have a few cops that buy into the gun control idiocy but don’t assume that we’re all like that just because those are the guys that make the news. Consider too that the department heads that say they are opposed to this legislation probably were appointed to their current position by, and now work, for anti-gun bosses. They’ll say what they’re told to say.