Look Who Has a Soccer Team

Abby Spangler of Protest Easy Guns has successfully sponsored a soccer team. I don’t expect Matt Carmel will take this lying down. I wouldn’t be surprised if Matt wasn’t the genesis if this idea. No matter, I’d rather have 10 Matts on my side than 100 Abby Spanglers any day of the week. Maybe you guys will do better when you stop copying our side’s ideas. I might start to be impressed when Abby comes really close to getting Medicare to fund her gun ownership prevention ideas.

3 thoughts on “Look Who Has a Soccer Team”

  1. I wish somebody in their soccer league would sponsor a team and name it “Easy Guns.” Then demand the Protest Against Easy Guns team be banned for it’s hate speech.

    Plus, think of the graphics possibilities, if you had a team named Easy Guns.

  2. Sebastian:

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. When the opposition lacks the creativity to come up with their own ideas and stoops to copying others, you know they are on the ropes! They are REALLY peeved about McDonald v Chicago and are squealing like stuck pigs. Gotta love it.

    Now let’s see, what mischief can I cause with this …

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