One Week

So on the first week of the blog I’ve managed 858 visits to the site, from 787 hosts, totalling 1618 hits. I’m not complaining for a first week. Many thanks to those who have linked to me, particularly Bitter and Unc, who’s kind links are responsible for a good portion of my traffic. Thanks also to the folks who I can see have me bookmarked. You guys are about half my traffic! I hope I can keep coming up with reasons for you to come back to visit.

Also, I’m always looking for topics and things to blog about, particularly if they have a Pennsylvania slant to them, so if you have ideas, feel free to send them to sebastian at snowflakes in hell . com.

2 thoughts on “One Week”

  1. i recommend you get rid of the email addy and use something like:

    sebastion at snowflakesinhell dot com

    Or, as every blog owner will tell you, your spam cup will soon runneth over.

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