Why LA Instead of LO?

I think Louisiana should change their state abbreviation to LO from LA.  I heard about a sales tax weekend in LA last night from NRA News on Twitter.  For a second I thought California was turning around on the gun issue.

3 Responses to “Why LA Instead of LO?”

  1. Those two-letter abbreviations are just a hangover from a failed and abandoned Postal Service experiment with optical character recognition software in the 1970s (replaced by ZIP + 4).

    The old newspaper abbreviations are easier to read: Minn. and Miss. are not confused like MI and MS.

    And your mail will go through fine without them.

  2. See, I just did it! Minnesota is MN … right?

  3. tjbbpgobIII says:

    Yes that has been confusing, around here when you say LA we think you’re talking about down around Mobile or Bayou LaBatre somewhere.