We’re Number 3. Where is Your State?

Rightwingprof provides this handy link. It ranks states according to percentage of population with carry licenses.  One surprise is how far down on the list Texas is.  You’d think they’d be higher, but they are beat by many other states.

I chalk it up to how restrictive their carry laws are, and the expense involved getting licensed.   I’d be willing to bet that many Texans carry illegally.

5 thoughts on “We’re Number 3. Where is Your State?”

  1. Most people in Texas are not Texans, but recent immigrants from the rust belt and California.

    And there is a lot of silliness involved in CCW in Texas, as you said.

  2. Sob, I don’t see Georgia anywhere on the list.

    Not surprised seeing that we really don’t have a true CFL, but a useless GFL(Georgia Fireamrs License). The permit is completely meaningless and is very resticitive in usage.

  3. Colorado’s is very low. I’m thinking it might have something to do with the onerous requirements and the fact that it is not really shall issue but may issue. They have a line in the law that the local sheriff can deny the application for any reason, although it may be appealed.

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