Why Independence Seaport Museum Can’t Raise the Money

Speaking once again of saving the Olympia, I found this explanation for why they might have difficulty raising the money to save this floating bit of history. From Wikipedia:

In June 2007 former Independence Seaport Museum president John S. Carter pleaded guilty to charges of fraud and tax evasion from misappropriating more than US$1 million in funds from the museum. He received a fifteen year sentence in federal prison.[3] Carter, who was president of the museum from 1989 to March 2006, was accused of using money from the museum to buy numerous personal items, including two boats, an espresso machine and a carriage house for his home in Cape Cod between 1997 and 2006.[2][4]

So it looks like Philadelphia’s penchant for graft and corruption will finally end up doing what the Spanish could never do.