Stay Classy Mr. President

This doesn’t speak very highly of President Obama’s character:

According to TSO who was at the “Salute to Heroes Inaugural Ball”, this newly sworn-in President for the first time in 56 years blew off the ball (that’s 14 Inaugurations).

That means even Bill Clinton, who had an uneasy relationship with the military, went to the American Legion ball to honor the service of these men.  Jimmy Carter?  Went too.  Carter was a navy man, even if his foreign policy was disastrous.  Obama?  No votes there, those guys didn’t vote for him, so who cares, right?

12 thoughts on “Stay Classy Mr. President”

  1. So, as a veteran, can I use this as a reason to display a “Not My President” sign?

  2. Devil’s Advocate:

    You just went to around 20+ parties all in one evening, danced with your lovely wife, and was forced by your aides to smile for the cameras all the damn time, and it’s only your first day on the job before you have to clean up the mess of your predecessor – think you still have strength to go to one more party?

  3. I can understanding not wanting to go, but what parties are attended is mostly a matter of politics. All his other predecessors found time for this one. I think he should have too.

  4. The President has shown that he supports our troops.

    Perhaps it was simply a misunderstanding or schedule conflict.

    Let us become participators to the solution, rather than spectators to the problem. May we all unite to help our nation and rally support for one another and the new Commander-in-Chief.

  5. I’ll rally around him when he does things that are laudable. I will criticize him when he does things which are less than that. Dissent is the highest form of patriotism, right?

  6. He’s the 1st president in 56 years to miss this ball. Medal of Honor winners are in attendance. Guess he’d rather stay at other ones and hear Beyonce and JZ.

  7. You just went to around 20+ parties all in one evening

    Except that’s completely false. He only attended 10 inaugural balls, 6 of which were in the exact same building where he just had to walk to the next room. Clinton attended 14 for one of his inaugurations, and Bush attended about the same number as Obama for both of his. Somehow they both managed to make the one to honor Medal of Honor recipients put on by 14 veteran service groups.

    If he can’t handle one evening of walking around a convention center (not even a very big one at that) and being driven to all of the others which were in close proximity, we may have other reasons to be concerned.

  8. “May we all unite to help our nation and rally support for one another and the new Commander-in-Chief.”

    Yeah, just like the Left rallied and supported the previous Commander-in-Chief. No, I’m not forgetting the last 8 years just because you got your guy in. I’ll give Citizen Obama all the help and support that the Left gave President Bush the last 8 years.

  9. As President, there are always more claims to your attention then their is time or attention. Which people, organizations, causes and initiatives you allocate your attention to defines your priorities. Obama (or his staff) made a choice and sent a message. Military heros are not high on the attention list.

    Oversights are just as damaging as intentional slights. If Obama didn’t know this then he will soon.

    “Let us become participators to the solution, rather than spectators to the problem. ”

    Where were you last week. Lots of us have been participating to the solution and putting up with you spectators to the problem. Ones who gave more than most just got blown off by the incoming President. Now, it’s your turn to stand to and do something right.

  10. And BTW folks, the MoH winners were also at the CiC Ball…so they were not snubbed

  11. There may not have been enough of the non-white guests at this important function. By the way I am hispanic and am proud of my roots, but I support my brother in arms alive, dead or MIA.

  12. Ok,

    Considering this guy’s long record of extremist leftist policies and his wholehearted devotion to Reverend Jeremiah Wright, how is this a surprise? This guy has a record and a pattern: How is this anything new?

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