4 thoughts on “Not Running from Guns in Alabama”

  1. I was going to vote for Les Phillip until his campaign starting playing some dirty back room games against his other primary opponent, Moe Brooks. Now I guess I’m voting for Brooks because it will be a cold day in hell before I vote for that murdering bastard Griffith.

    It was some pretty nasty religious innuendo that totally turned me off. What religion someone may or may not be is totally irrelevant compared to the REAL issues faces us both here in N. AL and nationwide.

    Those are not the actions I believe a forthright and upstanding person should take.

  2. I keep hearing the Mormon thing pegged on Les Phillip by Dale Jerkson, but I haven’t seen or heard anything of the sort actually come from Les… No matter how many times Dale tries to use this to smear Les, it’s just not believable…

  3. Considering the accusation came from Thomas Beach the director of field operations for Phillips campaign. Phillips might not have said anything himself, but like it or not the statements and actions of his campaign staffers and other people he associates with reflect on him.

    The real issues facing N. AL and the nation are far too important to be focusing on completely irrelevant religious garbage.

  4. I heard Dale say the same thing over and over so I looked at the links he posted.

    if you read the link that Dale keeps posting, Thomas Beach was president of a Christian organization when he was addressing Mo’s religion in a single email to the organization he ran long before he joined Phillip’s campaign. Leave it to Dale to stretch things out of proportion.

    I don’t see the Phillip campaign involved in any rumor mill.

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