Who’s Packing in Philly?

Philadelphia Weekly has a pretty good article on who’s packing in Philly, featuring Dan, who went down with us to Charlotte:

Dan Pehrson rolls up to 1 Shot Coffee, a cafe in Northern Liberties, on two wheels, much like many of his environmentally conscious urban peers. He’s just the type of patron this establishment is accustomed to serving. The 28-year-old computer programmer is cool, calm and collected. And his look—blazer, jeans, sneakers, black-rimmed eyeglasses, hair tussled and neat at the same time—say hipster all the way. Pehrson, who lives in the Art Museum area, appears and acts much like everyone else at the coffeehouse. The fact that there’s a deadly weapon under his shirt seems to have no bearing on the way he carries himself. Truth be told, he wears his gun about as well as he rocks his navy blue blazer.

It’s a very good, fair and balanced article, though I’m amused by the hipster description. I’ll have to buy Dan a PBR next time I see him. I would note that they use stock footage. None of those people I think are the people in the pictures.

8 thoughts on “Who’s Packing in Philly?”

  1. That’s a great article! And I think this quote is fantastic, because you always get people making sarcastic comments about how you really need a gun in church or at the park (as if they are only needed in dark alleys):

    “When you carry, it’s not the destination, it’s the journey that’s the reason why you carry,” he says. “You carry because from your home to the office is where everything happens.”

  2. I recall his favored drink in Charlotte being the Old Fashioned.

    And Dan can rock a blazer with jeans. He knows what suits him, and it’s a look that reporters don’t expect. It’s great.

  3. This is an awesome article! As a fellow LTCF in Philly, I wouldn’t be pointed out as someone ‘packin heat’ but NE Philly and other areas have changed. So having my little Ruger LCP hidden on me at all times, helps this Accounting/Finance professional scare off any thugs that may wanna ‘mess with me’…

  4. Just a small correction, photos of the guy with the laser G26 and target are of Josh Dillon in the article.

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