4 thoughts on “Implications of Castle Doctrine Vote in November”

  1. This is great news. Yes, its only the first step…then to the Senate where I think it should do well. Curious as to how Gov. Fast Eddy will do with it…? Hmmm, that is the ultimate question.

    Anyway, great job by Bitter by getting the information out on PAFOA.

    As a Philly resident, I have been waiting for HB 40 (Castle Doctrine) for a while and glad that those other silly anti-gun owners bills got crushed.

    Now if in the US Senate/House we could only get national reciprocity going then…

    This is a first step in PA and a good one I think…

    1. As to the future, here’s a bit of armchair analysis: The bill has to be brought for a vote before the full House. Speaker McCall has been on our side, and he’s retiring at the end of this term. In theory, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t bring it up. Based on what votes we had in the committee, it’s pretty clear that it doesn’t have to divide the Democrats with the exception of the most far-left from Philly. But, that doesn’t mean logic will win the day.

      In the Senate, I would imagine we’re fine. It is a good idea to question what Ed Rendell will do with it. He’s been on the warpath lately against anything remotely associated with Republicans or conservatives, and he might put this bill in that camp. However, he might not want to make it an issue for Democrats in the fall. Gun owners are just about the only group who haven’t been pissed off lately. (Individual gun owners might be based on other issues, but the group as a whole hasn’t been activated – yet.) Rendell might try to say he beat the mighty NRA, but when he was running for office and wasn’t a lame duck, he made sure not to embrace gun control the way he has today. If he remembers that, he may well try to avoid pissing us off this year for the sake of the rest of his party.

      Happy you like the commentary though. I want to keep people focused on the fact that we can make an impact in November. There’s a specific seat that can be flipped, and even if he is replaced by someone else who isn’t hugely pro-gun, we’ve still sent a message that we’re watching and we can do it again.

  2. I overheard something said briefly on the radio today about AK-47’s, which I guess had something to with an attempt in Harrisburg to ban them under some bogus “assault weapon” bill. How likely is it that semi-auto rifles could be banned in the Commonwealth?

  3. This ban was specifically only SKSs with high capacity magazines, or having an SKS and a high cap that will fit it.

    Odds of a semi-auto ban right now are low, but 10 years from now? I’m not sure I’d want to venture a guess.

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