Silly Season Weather Forecast

One thing we’re paying careful attention to is weather. Weather is one of those things that affect election turnout. When the weather is bad, it typically benefits the side on the motivated side of the enthusiasm gap. This year, that’s going to be the evil tea party sympathizers. We would absolutely love a giant cloud hanging out over the city of Philadelphia, pouring down rain there and nowhere else on election day. But that’s not very likely.

Still, I’m pleased that the forecast seems to be calling for rain in the Northeast. Granted, forecasts out this far aren’t much more scientific than a wild assed guess, but we’ll keep hoping.

6 Responses to “Silly Season Weather Forecast”

  1. dustydog says:

    Voted early today, during my lunch hour. Weather was lovely, but there was a line out the door.

  2. Dannytheman says:

    From your blog to Gods ears!!

    Rainy and cold, baby, rainy and cold!!!
    Keep those demoncrats home!!

  3. Alpheus says:

    Why just over Pennsylvania? Why not all over the place? (Especially in places where the Tea Party candidates need a little bit of a boost.)

  4. Sebastian says:

    Because a Philly rain is going to have the most bang for the buck. It suppresses turnout overall, so if you want to win state wide elections, having it rain in Philly is great.

  5. Sebastian says:

    Sorry, it meaning rain… so if it was statewide, it would depress overall turnout, on both sides… more on theirs probably, but you’d get more effect if it just rained in Philly on the state wide races.

  6. Alpheus says:

    If it rains in Pennsylvania, I don’t think it’s too much to ask for it to rain in New York or Delaware as well. Those states are close enough that they could all share one big storm!

    Colorado is far enough away that it could use its own storms, without affecting Pennsylvania’s storm potential.