President Calderon Statements Before Congress

I thought for a bit about how to cover this, but I thought that Jim Geraghty and Cam Edwards of NRANews did a better job than I could ever do commenting on the remarks of Mexican President Calderon before the United States Congress.


Normally I would agree that this is pretty bad diplomacy, but I think there’s a domestic contingent that is quite happy to have the Mexican President come before the Congress and demand we re-instate the assault weapons ban. I don’t think this was an accident, and we should be angry that so many Democrats applauded him.

But why don’t we have these problems on our side of the border? This came up during the segment too, and my take is that, in addition to having a relatively uncorrupt police force and military, Americans have a fairly long history of dealing harshly with unsavory elements that try to terrorize communities into submission. In terms of the conflagration boiling down in Mexico, that has in our history crossed over our borders, and we have a history of arming ourselves against it. Dave Hardy posts an advertisement from Auto Ordinance from the 1920s which clearly markets the gun as a way to repeal border raiders.

2 thoughts on “President Calderon Statements Before Congress”

  1. Some of you here need to see the forest through the trees for a moment.

    When this twerp Calderon from his corrupt narco-state south of the border, aka Mexico, was standing before our Democratic-controlled Congress earlier this week, trash-talking Arizona’s new and badly-needed law to tackle a problem that nobody at the Federal level is handling all that well, and making blatantly false statements about where most of the Mexican drug cartel’s firepower comes from, he was not really speaking just for himself. He was acting as a sock puppet for our America-hating, usurper, and pathetic neo-Marxist manchild president. This Calderon guy was saying exactly what Oba-Mao wanted him to say, in a speech that was most likely written by this regime too, all because Oba-Mao is too cowardly and too disingenuous to say such things himself.

    Oba-Mao and his fellow neo-Marxist traitors of the Democratic National Committee all know that they will be getting their asses handed to them at the polls later this year, in 2012, and possibly for many years to come, so they are going to need every last illegal alien from Mexico to vote for them, since their other forms of classic voter fraud won’t be enough to pull them through. Oba-Mao and his fellow neo-Marxists also want to use any possible excuse which they can come up with to take more of our guns away too, so they will keep plugging away with their US-Mexican gun canard while they still can before the next round of elections. In return for playing sock puppet, Calderon the twerp got himself a nice state dinner at the White House, and probably quite a few other things that we have yet to even learn about yet.

  2. Dear President Calderon:

    On behalf of the people of the United States, and 2nd amendment supporters and gun owners, I answer your call to curtail our freedom with these 3 words which nobody in congress can say without some sort of political backlash. Therefore, by the powers invested in me by our Bill Of Rights, and the men and women of our armed forces out fighting to protect our rights, I sincerely say to you the following:

    KISS MY #%&!

    Go home and get your own G.D. house in order!

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