Breaking Down Stereotypes

Tom King relays something said to him by a police officer in Pittsburgh during the 2004 Annual Meeting:

No, thank you and all the NRA members who came to our city. this was the largest, most peaceful, the cleanest family oriented and financially successful convention held in this city. There have been no fights, no litter, no drunkenness and the restaurants/stores are all saying you guys spend money. This city needs that! The sad part is that our Police Chief had all our SWAT Teams on alert because he predicted it would be like ‘old Dodge City’ with you drunken gun owners shooting up the city. On behalf of my brother officers and the city of Pittsburgh thank you and please come back; you guys are the best.

That would probably make Jadegold, and other like him, cry.  Read the whole thing.  Of course, a bunch of rowdy gun bloggers will be descending on the Annual Meeting this year, so you never know what’s going to happen!

One thought on “Breaking Down Stereotypes”

  1. Sort of like the article I read a while back in a gun magazine, My Gun Culture, or something to that effect, and this always gives me a warm fuzzy, and a bit of hope. I’ve frequently said that the best way to change someone’s views isn’t to hurl epithets and insults, but to live by example, thus PROVING your point.
    Alas, some people just refuse to see, and that’s the clearest definition of stupidity I can come up with. <>> What’re ya gonna do? Vote ’em out?

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