Keep it Classy, Daley

I have no idea how the people of Chicago can keep re-electing this idiot. Aside from hoping something bad to happen to one of our Supreme Court justices, he offers to shove a recovered gun up a reporters backside.

How does it feel to be ruled by a clown Chicago? The only thing more amazing to me is that we elected a politicians who came from this toxic political culture President.

7 thoughts on “Keep it Classy, Daley”

  1. Maybe the McDonald majority will read that trash in time to tweak their opinion(s) in a more strongly pro-rights direction. Wonder what Kennedy and Alito might think of those snarlingly disrespectful remarks?

    Clearly the Court can’t expect even a modicum of good faith from certain municipalities in complying with the Constitution. Sounds like the decision had better set forth some unambiguous, bright-line requirements that can’t be evaded.

  2. I wish one of those reporters would ask Daley why his current handgun registration laws have allowed handgun registrations safely for 28 years. Cops, security guards, and civilians with grandfathered pistols have been allowed to register handguns with no training or insurance requirements. Now suddenly those procedures are insufficient?

  3. Deceased people in Chicago vote overwhelmingly Democratic. That’s part of the reason why Daley has been able to stay in power there.

  4. Daley couldn’t be classy if he tried. and he has no need to try. He owns the place. Why not be just who he is? Who is going to argue?

    The real secret to a person is what they do when no one is looking or they can do whatever they want with no comebacks.

  5. That Daley has no class is nothing new.

    After all, this IS the guy that bulldozed an airport runway in the middle of the night (Meigs field) in order to shut the airport down and turn it into a park for his wife.

    The Chicago Way: When you can’t get what you want legally, show up with bulldozers.

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