We Have Work to Do

Rasmussen shows that Sestak is ahead of Toomey by 4 points. It also shows that 61% of Pennsylvanians want the health care reform repealed. I have a feeling that Sestak’s numbers are going to drop once people get to know him, but I don’t want to count on that. I like what Xlrq said, “Congratulations, Pennsylvania, you just jumped out of the frying pan. Step two is not to land in the fire.” This is truth.

3 thoughts on “We Have Work to Do”

  1. Toomey has started. Sestek got a bump from all the National press coverage of his woop assing Arlen.

    Health care vote? Cap and Trade? Sestek has proven he is in lock step with President Obama all the way.

    I want to know about the deal? A job as Navy Secretary?
    I want to know how a Navy 3 star, retires a 2 star?
    I want to know why he was relieved of duty?

    I am not a Veteran that quickly backs/defends all Veterans.

  2. Don’t forget that Sestak also voted for the “Pedophile Protection Act”………No, I am not kidding. Read it for yourself:


    This “hate crimes bill” essentially protects any one with any sort of sexual perversion. It is violently anti-christian and anti-first Amendment.

    Let me see. Sestak voted for a bill that:

    1) targets Christians for persecution (Democratic policy)
    2) makes perverts a protected class (Democratic constituents)
    3) guts the first amendment (another goal of the Democrats)

    To my knowledge no one has yet to call him out on this vote.

    I am still stunned that Delco sent this tool to the House of Representatives TWICE!!!!! Am I the ONLY person who reads the bills this jackass has voted on???

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