Glad Our New Attendees Had a Good Time

Sister Toldjah (one of the best blog names out there if you ask me. I wish I had picked a better name) was a new attendee this year, and I’m really glad she had a good time. Other newbie attendees this year were Countertop, American Manifesto, Newbie Shooter, Fat White Man, Moose Droppings, Campaign Spot, Detroit CPL, Personal Armament Blog, and Virginia Gal.

I did not get to meet them all because I spent all day in the Firearms Law Seminar Friday, and a lot of them came Friday. But we were glad to have so many Annual Meeting newbies.

4 thoughts on “Glad Our New Attendees Had a Good Time”

  1. By golly … I think that’s even better attendance than the anti-gun bloggers had at the Brady Campaign annual meeting last year …

  2. My first NRAAM was a great experience. I was only able to be there Friday and Saturday till noon, but I certainly got a lot out of it and made some great contacts. Hopefully next year I can spend more time my new media counterparts.

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