Record Sniper Shot by the Numbers

Recently a British sniper made a record shot with a .50 .338LM [I should read] Caliber rifle. Joe Huffman gives it to us by the numbers. This is one thing that consistently amazes me about our opponents demonization of this caliber long range calibers. It’s like suggestion that because we make scalpels freely available, that means surely that unscrupulous individuals will be able to do their own quadruple bypass surgery, and wouldn’t that be just awful? They ignore the tremendous amount of skill, and not inconsiderable amount of luck, that goes into employing rifles at these kinds of distances.

11 thoughts on “Record Sniper Shot by the Numbers”

  1. Every time i start to think i am a good shot, a story like this comes out, and proves me wrong!

  2. Not that I agree with it, but let me offer what I see as the best counter-argument:

    If those with violent tendencies don’t have access to this sort of weapon and caliber then there’s no danger of them using it to hurt others.* As few Americans use either of these calibers, is it really such an unreasonable restriction on liberty to limit people to .30-06 or so? For those engaged in competition or other target shooting, couldn’t we have a registration system, perhaps akin to the one for machine guns?

    *Notwithstanding other arguments, this one actually has some slight merit when we’re talking about handguns.

  3. The really amazing shot? The third one, hitting the machine gun….it’s far smaller than either of the muj…

  4. On the other hand, why should Americans be restricted in their RKBA which “shall not be infringed” from purchasing and enjoying any and all arms designed for use by Combat Arms Units in the world’s military’s. I mean, that was the original intent of the founders that our “citizen militia” should be trained in the use of arms as the “best security of a free state.” If our potential enemies have the weapons, we should too!

    I also do NOT agree with the courts nor the Congress that the RKBA is not unlimited! If it was to be limited, why did the founders insist on the last four words, “shall not be infringed”?

    The government has NO LEGITIMATE AUTHORITY to infringe or restrict the people’s RKBA or any other fundamental Creator endowed rights regardless of what they say. They obviously have the power of force but NOT the LEGITIMATE AUTHORITY – whether they like it or not.

    However, it is up to US, “the people” who respect, enjoy and support this right, to fight for and preserve it for our posterity (just like with all other fundamental rights)!

    Just sayin’

  5. As long as you can store it safely without irradiating your neighbors, go for it?

    More seriously, there’s a line somewhere between .22 short and A Game of Thermonuclear War. Setting that will be tricky.

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