Pistol Packing Grandma Pinched at Disney

Looks like a Pennsylvania grandmother got herself in some hot water by trying to carry a .32 ACP Beretta Tomcat into Disney World. She is not in possession of a Pennsylvania LTCF, or any other license recognized by the State of Florida:

“I forget a lot of things. That might sound silly and stupid, but I did not remember that the pistol was down there,” Richardson told Eyewitness News after her released.

Other Disney World vacationers said they’re not buying Richardson’s story.

“I would know if there was a gun in mine. I know everything that’s in my purse. So I hope the law handles her in a good way so she’ll think twice before she does something like that again,” a Disney visitor told Eyewitness News.

Richardson doesn’t have a permit to carry the gun, but said she carries it for protection back home and she never had plans to hurt or scare anyone at the park.

Yeah, if you’re so old you’re forgetting a lot of things, including where you put your gun, you probably shouldn’t be carrying. Nontheless, I think some prosecutorial discretion is in order. I don’t think society has much to gain by throwing the book at this woman because she didn’t happen to realize that she needed to ask the government for permission before exercising a constitutional right.

3 Responses to “Pistol Packing Grandma Pinched at Disney”

  1. Jim W says:

    I forget about my gun all the time. Sometimes I forget to take it out when I am carrying it in gun free zones.

  2. straightarrow says:

    Quick, what’s in your pocket right now? What’s in your glove box? Where is that flashlight you keep for use when the power goes out? I mean quick, if you took more than three seconds to answer you are normal.

    I never leave the house without my wallet or my pocketknife. I don’t actually maintain an awareness that I have them until I need them. Why would a gun be any different?

    It wouldn’t unless you had nefarious plans for its use. If it had just become a part of your ensemble, you wouldn’t give it a thought until something initiated a need for it.

    I also disagree with you on her authority to carry it. I know that you aren’t surprised by that, but this time it is “just” semantics. However semantics are important. If you had said she didn’t have illegal permission or illegal license to carry a firearm, you would have been correct.

    The second amendment is her rightful authority to carry any damn firearm she so pleases in any manner she so pleases. Permits and licenses and reciprocity agreements or lack of same are all illegal infringements. Illegal! Permits and License to Carry are illegal.

    Now, I know enough about your viewpoint to know this isn’t a hill you are willing to die on, nor a distinction you deem worthy of spending politcal capital on, especially when it might “scare white folks”. I understand your view that this most common sense application of our rights and our constitution is deemed radical by the great unwashed, unschooled majority, but if we don’t start exposing them to the truth, who will? And when?

    We can’t very well expect them to hear us if we don’t speak up.

  3. Sebastian says:

    Happy now? :) I updated the post.