Things You Won’t See From Ed Rendell

Ed Rendell shooting a Coyote for messing with his dog with a Ruger LCP with a Crimson Trace Laser sight. Dave Hardy asks if we can run this guy for President. SayUncle has another link to the same story.

6 Responses to “Things You Won’t See From Ed Rendell”

  1. Mikee says:

    Other than his slightly too stylish hair, there would be little wrong with Governor Perry in the White House.

  2. Adam says:

    Nice, I have the same Ruger LCP as my CCW minus the Crison Trace. Can he run for Mayor of New York or Chicago if the White House bid fails?

  3. JD says:

    That’s awesome! Our Gov. John Hoeven(R) will be in the U.S. Senate after this falls election. I’ll be the first to welcome Gov. Perry to ND as our new Gov. ;-D

  4. Has anyone heard from PETA yet? They were gnashing their teeth after Obama swatted a fly. This has got to make those ridiculous hippies squirm. I love it!

  5. Timothy Covington says:

    Unless you want the nations infrastructure sold off to his cronies and their business partners, you don’t want Perry as President. The only reason he is still Governor is that the Democrats keep trying to run northeastern liberals against him. If they would run a genuine Texas Democrat (those are pro-gun), he would be gone.

  6. Bram says:

    Timothy – A national yard-sale sounds like a good idea right now. Think we can find somebody who would pay money for the Department of Education? The EPA?