Quote of the Day

Front Sight, Press:

My real concern about this bill is that it’s the “camel’s nose” for a new round of gun control legislation. It is being heralded as a great victory for gun control. It’s hard to argue with and even the NRA has signed off on it, but it gives psychological momentum to the gun-grabbers’ cause.

I think Syd’s right here, and it’s the one real problem with this deal. But I think if we remain vigilant, stand together, and not divide ourselves, we can deal with it. The NRA, with this deal, has a) gotten us something for our troubles, and b) averted a prolonged political battle over NICS improvement (which had been coming up even before Virginia Tech), which would have had a far greater chance of having more onerous new gun control, such as a new assault weapons ban, tacked onto it.

The other side may believe they are walking away with a victory, but realy they aren’t. It’s entirely hollow, and deep down I think they know that.