Five Days Later, Still at $20 Dollars

Doesn’t look like the Brady’s are having much luck raising money scaring people with a funny parody on open carry activism. I guess Jon Stewart just isn’t scary enough to get the hysterical to open their wallets. The Brady Campaign have been pushing this via Twitter only, as best as I can tell, and so far with no luck. We’ll keep watching.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention, Starbucks Sales are up 7% too.

UPDATE: Looks like that figure is based on same store sales, and Starbucks closed 5% of their stores.

12 thoughts on “Five Days Later, Still at $20 Dollars”

  1. That’s great…actually cracks me up. I personally have contributed more to the local pro-gun candidates that you have highlighted here and at PA Gun Rights for the $10-lunch-campaign contribution than the Brady campaign has received nationwide.

  2. That last bit is totally bogus to use as a stat in our favor. Normally, I’d use any talking point, too. But in this case, it’s a measure of same store sales. Well, the biggest reason those same store sales went up is because the other stores around them all closed. I mean they closed hundreds of stores, at least 5% of their locations. When the corporate decisions are so obviously the reason for the uptick, it just makes us look like we have nothing else to cling to.

  3. Their financials call it “comparable store” sales, which makes my inner accountant twinge a bit. Regardless, their total US revenue for QE 12/09 was $1,934.9M. For March 10, it was $1,820.1M.

    1. And the campaign against Starbucks didn’t really start until mid-February. I don’t think you can remotely consider that an accurate measure until the current quarter is up – they’ve slowed store closures and the campaign will have been in tact for the full period.

  4. I answered the poll question “Is this the America you want to live in?”

    As of now, the results are 50:50 yes:no.

  5. I’ll repeat the comment I just left at Uncle’s over here:

    Maybe I’m just being pig-headed, but I still think it’s an indicator on the plus side for us.

    The economy is down, driving Starbucks to close stores. The decisions to close those stores didn’t happen in the few months that this open carry controversy has been going on.

    The “Same store sales” being up is most likely a reflection of the patrons of the closed stores changing to the stores that are still open, but it also indicates that the gun issue isn’t having a significant impact.

    There may be too much noise in the signal to draw a firm conclusion for our side, but the same can be said of the effort to hurt Starbuck’s business as well.

    At any rate, that was a good catch by Bitter.

  6. Here’s a thought. Why shouldn’t we use the 7% increase in Starbucks sales as an indicator that open carry is a win for us, and let the Brady bunch have to start correcting us for a change?

  7. Maybe The Daily Show should revise the “well funded” part of “well funded hate group.”

  8. Their poll is interesting. It’s currently 66% in our favor. They had this exact poll up last week however there were MANY more votes than there are now.

    Apparently they did not like the outcome and started over, this time requiring one to give their name and email address in order to vote.

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