Bombing is Such a Negative Term

I love the fact that the GOP candidate who actually has a serious shot at winning HI-1 is changing the term from money bomb to money wave.

Like Ted Kennedy’s seat going to Scott Brown, this has some symbolism as well because it is being billed as “Obama’s home district.” I don’t know his position on the gun issue, but having a Republican win that seat will likely make the anti-gun Democratic leadership quake. They already nearly caved on getting ride of DC’s gun laws after the Brown win, so we might be able get more out of them if this seat flips. More importantly, I think it will remind Democrats that gun owners are one group they haven’t “officially” pissed off yet, so they really shouldn’t cross the line to do so now.

In the same way that I remind folks that Massachusetts is not like the rest of the country, Hawaii is also fairly solidly Democratic. This seat is D+11. I mean this is my grandmother’s district. That won’t mean much for 99.9% of the people who read this, but just know that I have lost a lot of hair trying to have any kind of serious discussion about issues that goes beyond “it feels good.” Even more frustrating is that because she can afford to live in the district, anyone who makes her feel good gets a decent donation.

From what I’ve read in passing about this race, the two Democrats may well split their vote so the GOP can win. The Democratic leadership is behind one candidate, while unions and others have lined up behind the other Democrat. Also, the Democrats couldn’t find a single person in the district to run – both live elsewhere.

This will be an interesting one to watch. Just like Massachusetts, Hawaii has been known to elect Republicans from time-to-time. (Gov. Linda Lingle is apparently the only Republican in history to make my grandmother “feel good.”) And apparently the seat was once Republican for a whooping two terms back in the late 80s/early 90s.

4 thoughts on “Bombing is Such a Negative Term”

  1. He didn’t say anything about not liking the term money bomb. I said that. I’m not really that opposed to it, it was just a play on words.

    It is called a money wave because he is running in Hawaii. For those in the landlocked states, they are surrounded by the ocean. There are waves in the ocean. Wave is also a term used to mean heave, surge, or signal.

  2. Yeah, I suspect tsunami would probably be too loaded given the massive earthquakes recently that hyped the concern about them. :)

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