Lobbying Mistakes

If there’s one thing that’s true about politicians is that they don’t want to come out and directly tell anyone “no.” They’ll beat around the bush and go about it in subtle ways. Such was the case with pro-gun Virginia Senator Jim Webb, but apparently Abby Spangler has a hard time reading between the lines, and ended up with a very public repudiation in the Washington Post. This is a big error on the part of Protest Easy Guns, and you can bet Webb’s office isn’t happy. This kind of thing has happened on our side too, so we shouldn’t get too proud, but generally, our folks do a better job of handling this kind of stuff. Perhaps Senator Webb will remember next time to speak in Abby’s language, with gratuitous use of the shift key.

3 thoughts on “Lobbying Mistakes”

  1. FTA: “Basically, what’s going on in this country is the normalization of guns everywhere and anywhere,” Spangler said. “We are fighting that on every front.”

    This is very telling, in my opinion. It’s not just criminals they don’t want to have guns, it is everyone. They are basically saying as much. This statement just affirms the fact that if they are successful at closing down private sales, then they will move on to some other incremental gun control measure.

  2. Oh, come on! Are you kidding me? Are you saying that you think that rather than this being the staff of the Senator trying to wiggle out of a statement he made at a meeting, that this is a case of Ms. Spangler taking liberties? And do you really think the Post was saying there is no gun show loophole?

    Jesus, you guys claim not to trust politicians — except when they’re politicians on YOUR side. Those politicians are always spot-on honest about everything.

    Pure, unbelievable gullibility.

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