NRA is Full of Terrorists

According to Josh Sugarmann’s latest “study,” NRA is full of the next up and coming terrorists. What is their evidence?

  • Someone who volunteers for NRA once posted photos of a tea party protest she did not attend.
  • NRA sells shirts that come in XXXL!
  • We can’t ignore that NRA is hosting a speaker who has spoken at tea party events.
  • NRA allows outside groups using such inflammatory rhetoric as “pro-family and pro-American” to pay for the ability to add inserts to their catalog shipments.

I’m going back and forth between what the saddest part of this report is and how it speaks of the Violence Policy Center’s fall.

First, there’s the fact that I’ve been charged with doing the type of research he’s supposed to be doing for VPC for other organizations. If I had ever turned in something like this, I would have been laughed out of the building. I would fire an unpaid intern for this kind of work. Yet Josh is being paid more than $145,000 a year for it.

Second, there’s the concern that Josh has over whether or not NRA will meet its political goals. In noting that some NRA volunteers have political opinions on topics other than gun rights, Josh seems upset by this may interfere with NRA’s political success.

These links raise questions not only regarding the grassroots role of the NRA’s activists on issues beyond gun control, but also whether the independence of Tea Party activists will conflict with their expected support of the NRA’s preferred candidates.

I’m so happy that Josh wants us to have all of our activists dedicated to winning elections for pro-gun candidates all of the time! We’re really happy to have your support, VPC!

Third, there’s also the issue that Google seems to be failing for poor Josh. See, both of us are volunteers for NRA. And we attended a candidate forum – hosted by self-proclaimed tea party activists. We even attended a tea party event in a park that celebrates the actions of a traitor honored by the so-called pro-America movement. They embraced vulgar language. The participants were clearly future terrorists who are already prepared for war. As a fellow activist suggested, it looks like Josh needs to switch to Bing.

9 thoughts on “NRA is Full of Terrorists”

  1. “Yet Josh is being paid more than $145,000 for it.”

    What a nice gig Josh has there.

    So, who actually pays him that kind of money anyway?

  2. “According to Josh Sugarmann’s latest “study,” NRA is full of the next up and coming terrorists.”

    According to my latest study, Josh Sugarmann is full of shit.

    “So say we all!”

  3. Maybe Josh’s problem is that he doesn’t have enough money to pay interns to do this crap for him anymore. I mean the interns would probably do a better job…

  4. It’s not surprising that Sugarmann has no shame … but surely the Joyce Foundation has a little.

    They should be utterly embarrassed at the trash Josh is producing these days.

  5. Great commentary….Josh and VPC have been sprewing this same tired line for years….Its a shame that he really doesn’t understand that NRA members are some of the most patrotic and loyal citizens this country has to offer. Just because we don’t lay down when our rights are being challenged appears yo give him fits….I say GOOD!

  6. Hmm…

    I’d rather be called a terrorist, by a lame duck. Than be one trying to destroy freedom. Sugarman agent of King George….


    Terrorism in my book is attacking civilian targets. The guy who flew his kamikaze plane into the IRS building was a terrorist because he hit during the day and killed civilians. Had he merely attacked at night when the building was empty and destroyed government property. I would not think the same way.

    But what are we supposed to do when the likes of the left label us as such. Sure we laugh at Sugarman. But it’s no laughing matter when we have the likes of Janet Napolotino making similar statements in government documents.

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