Memo to Hollywood: Recruit from Texas More

According to a tidbit found by Wyatt, actress Amber Heard – originally from Austin – is a big fan of guns.

I’m a good shot and I love guns – I own several. I don’t have children in the house, so I sleep with my gun in a place that’s close enough that if I needed to protect myself, I could. It’s not in bed with me, though; it’s in a safe location. I’m fully trained and I’m an active member of a gun club. I’m definitely pro-gun.

You may not have heard of Heard, but those of you who love zombie flicks may remember her as 406.


3 thoughts on “Memo to Hollywood: Recruit from Texas More”

  1. NICE. FYI from what I gather Director Zach Snyder is also a pretty avid gunnie.

    You’ll note that in his remake of “Dawn of the Dead” the gun handling was probably some of the best out there, but also in one of the DVD commentary tracks he complains about fighting with the studio to keep the guns realistic. From his stories sounds like the studio was big on things like Desert Eagles and MP5s, instead there were a lot of Glocks, old S&W Revolvers, and Remington shotguns. There were a few oddball items in the gunshop, but that’s to be expected.

    I must say, having a gunnie behind the camera really makes the gunplay look good.

    Then again having a child Molester sweep his apartment with an old S&W in a prefect weaver stance, back in 1980 in Watchmen kinda looked a little geeky to me. : ]

  2. Less keen on this line, though: “As Americans we’ve been told since we were babies that we have the right to own guns but I think there needs to be reform, because over 30,000 people in the U.S. died from gunshot wounds in the last year alone.” Seems like some of her Holywood friends have been serving her some cool-aid. You can hear them, “You have a gun, what about the 30,000…” :-(

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